POLITECNICA ITALIA Srl realizza: macchine per la deformazione dei tubi a quattro morsetti convergenti verso il centro. Questa serie di macchine denominate AFONAT č la pių prestigiosa sul mercato Italiano. Le nostre macchine sono utilizzate prevalentemente nel settore della produzione del tubo trafilato.
Automatic Squeeze Pointers
Afonat 204

The line of hydraulic squeeze pointers of the Afonat series represents the state-of-the-art and most complete technological solution for making the tong-holds of drawn pipes. The main feature of our machines is sturdiness which, together with the use of very high quality component parts (motors and Siemens operator panels, Bosch-Rexroth hydraulic components, Moog pumps) ensures absolute reliability over the years.

Another feature of our machines is the "follow-on" jaw closing system, which mechanically ensures all 4 jaws move at the same time and permits achieving any square end size with just one type of jaw.

Force for cylinder 50 t
Maximum tube point length 200 mm
Maximum jaws opening 102 mm
Maximum jaws closure 4 mm

Hydraulic power unit

- Oil tank 400 lt
- Motor Siemens
- Pump Moog
- Hydraulic components Bosch-Rexroth
- Distribution block steel
- Heat exchanger Air/oil or Water/oil

The Afonat 104 and 204 series features a sturdy electrically-welded metal base to which are secured both the structure and the hydraulic unit and which ensures easy machine movement.

The control panel is fitted on the right side of the hydraulic unit.

From the Siemens OP7 operator panel, all the machine functions can be controlled, from jaw opening/closing to automatic greasing adjustment and the cleaning blower. The type of cycle to be used - Automatic, Semi-automatic or Manual - can also be selected from the panel.

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